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What IS the idea? Fervent mediation throughout these lodged increments have yielded purely circumstantial feedback to date. Outcomes of all things are muddied by literally infinite data, coalescence of all things making all citizens smarter and dumber at once. Hatred inward/outward, there is mercy somewhere in both directions, the window for discovery is short and shrinks however. Tangible evidence of what we will never know for sure engulfs everything here from a distance - untouchable and unaccountably governing everything. Everything is shared for better or worse as privacy disintegrates and digital commodification proliferates. Sand is small rocks. Waves are waves. Melody, harmony, sound are as abstractly affecting powers as we can think of - things which are not entirely perceivable through our mathematical or scientific systems; simple and complex at once, beyond feeling, beyond everything. The ultimate in truly abstract expression. 



  • Christian Vander 'Earth' (Jaro, 1986)
  • Constance Demby 'Chakoor Bird (live)' (Gandarva, 1984)
  • Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins 'Memory Gongs' (4AD, 1986)
  • Áine O'Dwyer 'The Little Lord Of Misrule' (Fort Evil Fruit, 2012)
  • Charcoal Owls 'Anxious Under Tin' (Night School, 2014)
  • Charlemagne Palestine 'One + Two + Three Fifths in the Rhythms Three * Against Two for Bosendorfer Piano (Part 2)' (Sonnabend Gallery, 1974)
  • Cervere 'Beaten Senseless' (Future Archaic, 2014)
  • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra 'Momentum' (Ninja Tune, 2018)
  • Jung An Tagen '20:03 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?' (Editions Mego, 2018)
  • Tangerine Dream 'Release' (TDI Music, 1997)
  • Terence Hannum 'The Final Myth' (Umor Rex, 2017)
  • Fairuz 'Fayek Walla Nassi' (?, 1961)
  • Svarte Greiner 'Tunnel Of Love' (Type, 2009)
  • Christina Carter 'Words Are Not My Own' (Kranky, 2006)
  • Lisa Lerkenfeldt '289.071' (self released, 2018)
  • Charles Hayward 'Australia' (Ink, 1987)
  • Danny Graham 'Red Moons Anchoring The Sky' (Sinsemilla, 1980 - reissued Xerox Music, 2018)
  • Nina Buchanan 'Untitled' (unreleased, 2016)
  • Trevor 'Sensual Meditation' (Paradise Daily, 2017)
  • Scorn 'Twitcher' (KK, 1997)